Acupuncture and the Orchestra of the Body

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Acupuncture helps tune the orchestra of our body. This ancient form of medicine distributes a coherent approach to the conditions and functions of the brain and body.  It holds the capacity to strengthen and shape wellbeing at its core. 


It may be difficult to imagine that tiny needling holds resonance with fluid systems. That it can and does change cellular tissue and organ function. Putting on our science fiction mind cap, we might get an image of a cell being molded by tiny mechanisms binding and linking together to form a new bridge of health opportunity.  It’s thrilling to note that new and emerging science has shown that reducing pain and discomfort with acupuncture is science-based. 


Acupuncture builds resiliency into a body system. It builds it over time. Chinese medicine uses the language of movement and expression. Every acupuncture point has unique access to organ systems that generate a profound impact.  It is like a gateway into a particular system within the body.

Think of the body like an orchestra. The life force of our existence is like the sound of an orchestra. All of our instruments are playing all the time, and it can jumble into a tsunami of sound. But it can also be orchestrated and conducted, so that the different systems of the body, like instruments, play well together to create music. 


Another way to think of Acupuncture is to think of the needles like tuning pegs. They don’t play our instruments, but they help adjust us toward harmony. If you think of each organ system as its own instrument, then we know that we want them to be tuned. Sometimes one instrument or another will take the lead in the music, but we don’t want one instrument to be overplayed, especially out of tune.  To create harmonics in living tissue we want to stay attuned, balanced, and sustained over a lifetime. 


Acupuncture guides the orchestra of our bodies toward health and vitality. It helps coordinate the ways our life force flows through us, allowing us to regenerate in resilient and sustainable ways.


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