Ariana Hodes, Reiki

I am an artist and a healer. My greatest passion is to unite these two realms because, in the words of Tasha Golden, “art is how we human.” As a singer-songwriter, theatermaker and actor, dancer, and photographer I find ways to self-express and exchange energy with those who resonate with me.
Practicing Reiki is my ultimate gift of healing, and I thank you for trusting me with your unique energy in return. 
If you’re new to energy healing, know this is a gentle, relaxing practice that is akin to assisted meditation. You may feel heat, tingling, see light or colors or lucid dream, or you may fall asleep.
Everybody’s reaction is different, and every session can be vastly different. Although rare, you might experience something from your shadow realm as energy becomes unstuck. While I am not a psychotherapist, deep listening and witnessing are an integral part of this practice, so if something does come up you will be in a safe space no matter what. 
30 minute mini-rituals/resets (approx 20 min Reiki) — $50
60 minutes (approx 45-50 min Reiki)– $100
90 minutes (approx 60-70 min Reiki) — $150
text or leave a message at 603-496-2069