Awareness in a Time of Disruption

Mindfulness meditation

We are in a time of disruption. Something is dying and something is being born. As it all changes, we find ourselves looking for ways in which we can produce solutions. We want to repair the things that are worth repairing. One of the ways that we can do that is to create levels of awareness. 


Awareness is a shift. It is how we can move from one kind of operating to another, and hold space for something new to emerge. When we operate from our habits, our old operating systems, we feel stuck in their inertia. Right now, we know we need change immediately, but big, old systems are resisting that shift. 


Disruption and shift are happening on multiple levels. Ecologically, it is changing our relationship with nature. Socially, it is changing how we relate with others. And spiritually, it is changing our relationship with ourselves. The ecological shifts and social shifts involve huge systems that are too complex to move quickly.

Our spiritual relationship with ourselves can shift in the now. We are empowered to change our own attitudes and our mindset. We can turn our attention away from what can be done, and move toward what we can do in the present moment. We can decide to embrace these steps into unmapped territory. 


Can we ourselves be change agents? Can we bring in a new type of awareness within ourselves? Once we develop that new type of awareness, we can then invite others in to practice it with us. 


That awareness comes from deep listening. Tuning in to listen to our deep inner knowing creates courage. It dulls cynicism and judgment and keeps us curious about what can happen. It allows us to have an openness to creation and change, not only for ourselves but also for those we are in relationship with. 


There is a global need to develop mindfulness and awareness. It is one way we can meet these profound times. We need it on a micro level and on the macro level. But we cannot do it without starting with ourselves.


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