Beloved Community, the Way Forward

Mindfulness meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. helped us find the way forward. When they met for the first time they created a concept called The Brothers in the Beloved Community.  They agreed that without community we cannot go very far. 


Can you imagine the meeting of a Zen Monk and a Southern Preacher? It sounds like the start of a good joke.  They both came from a background of trials and tribulations, pain and challenge.  And they both dedicated their lives to be the change they so wanted for the world. 


Something about that blend of these two visionaries answers so many questions. The act of lovingkindness–keeping an open heart towards others who are different–has to be enacted towards ourselves first. They came from vastly different worlds and yet their friendship, common cause, and commitment in solidarity rang true. 

Changing the world doesn’t happen overnight. If anything, resonant legacies live on in those who come next, continuing to ripple forward into the future. It is not about the individual, but the collective. Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. both embodied a different story, the story of what could be. They knew it in their bones. They lived from it and showed others how to carry the story of a better way forward in their bodies, too. 


We can’t change the world unless we ourselves embody the change. We can’t just fake it until we make it. It has to be IN us. The resonance has to come from within. We each embody the frequency. We hold the energy of what comes next, “becoming a citizen of the world.”


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