The Benefits of Sex

Mindfulness meditation

Sex is life-affirming.


There are many benefits to sex. Research shows that cultivating intimacy can offer “physical, emotional and psychological health benefits.” These benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease, boosting immunity and improving mental health. Some studies also show that sex helps reduce stress by lowering cortisol levels. Additionally, it supports pain relief by releasing endorphins. 


We see clients for all kinds of reasons including issues with life balance, pain, anxiety, fatigue, menopause and chronic conditions. When stressed, our body intelligence innately goes into conserve and reserve mode.


Preserving and reserving life-sustaining resources is vital to our well-being. Stress, medications, fluctuating hormones and life transitions like menopause can lower our libido. Given the many benefits of sex and how affirming it can be, losing this aspect of aliveness can take a toll on our long term health and wellness. 


How can holistic health help increase your sex drive? Hundreds of clinical studies have established the link between mindfulness and stress reduction and more recent research has shown “positive associations between mindfulness and sexual desire, sexual satisfaction and overall sexual functioning.”


“The quality of our relationships is the single biggest predictor of our happiness,” based on findings from an almost 80 year Harvard study. Given these insights, recognizing that mindfulness practices help us connect to our partners is key. Offering ourselves compassion allows us to offer compassion to those we love. Furthermore, research shows a link between happiness and sexual intimacy. 


Ultimately, the intersection between life and meaning happens through the body.


At Ha.Lé all of our integrative modalities help you connect to your mind, body and spirit. Our practices like somatic processing and bodywork help regulate your central nervous system which is directly tied to sexual arousal. Qigong practices can reduce anxiety and improve sexual functioning and life coaching offers strategies for changing habits to help you cultivate a healthy sex life. When sexual energy is aligned with our ecology, it is one of life’s healthiest and greatest gifts.

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