Boost Immunity through Acupuncture and Bodywork

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Acupuncture and Bodywork treatments support immune function, helping you stay healthy. By working to support the interconnected systems of the body, they are able to build more resilience against immune threats like viruses. Stress, inflammation, and dysregulation all reduce our ability to fight infection. Acupuncture and Bodywork are able to work with the body as a whole in order to strengthen the immune system and build resilience.  Stress lowers our ability to fight disease. Because our stress responses are designed to respond to lions, they prioritize running or fighting, not warding off infection. Stress responses actually pull resources away from the immune system and reduce its effectiveness. Lowering cortisol and adrenaline and shifting the nervous system out of fight or flight mode helps get the immune system back up to speed.  Inflammation reduces immune function. The more inflammation in the body, the harder your immune system is working to fight it, and the less you have for responding to new immune issues. Lowering inflammation helps increase available white blood cells and T-cells, and create a new baseline of immune health.  Our immune systems can also struggle with dysregulation. Sometimes they run too high or too low. The more we can regulate and support healthy immune function, the more resilient our system becomes.  Acupuncture and Bodywork are able to reduce stress, lower inflammation, and regulate immune function. They are effective, proactive treatments for building resilient health.


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