Building Immune Function

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We can build our immune function for long term health when we have the right nourishment. What we eat provides the basic building blocks of all of our biological processes. When we provide ourselves with the right fuel, our health and immune system are better able to thrive.  There is no one size fits all answer for nourishment and immune function. Our bodies are complex and unique. There are wide differences in how we are able to digest food, absorb nutrients, and use energy. We can pay attention to how we feel when we eat, and even work with a Nutritionist, to get best results.  Variety is key. Each food we eat offers different nutrients as building blocks of health, especially foods that come from plants. Eating a broad range of fresh foods is best. Regularly consuming a  small amount of a lot of different nutrients supports immune function and wellbeing.  Gut health and the microbiome is also important to healthy immune function. Our gut is one of the first responders to germs, and it is best able to respond to immune challenges when its microbiome is thriving. Fermented foods like sauerkraut, yogurt, and kombucha are probiotic and support the microbiome. High fiber plant based foods are called prebiotics because they feed the microbiome, and are also key to gut health.  Immune function is based on the quality of our nourishment. We need a variety of nutritious foods, a thriving microbiome in our gut, and to fine tune our food choices based on our own personal health. With the right nutrition, we can build our immune function for better health and wellbeing. 


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