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We meet you where you are.

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Our Integrative Memberships invite you to heal.

Integrative Care is about wholeness – we specialize in collaborative holistic care with pricing plans for everyone.

This means you have a team working together to transform your health.

Get started with a free 15 minute consult to find a care plan that’s right for you.

3 Month Memberships

It takes 8 weeks to the change the baseline of your nervous system and make lasting improvements for stress, sleep, pain, and anxiety issues. Our 3 Mo Memberships go to that 8 week mark and beyond. 

6 Treatments

Your invitation to continued wellness and wellbeing.

  • Every other week care*
  • Stay stress resilient
  • Prevent tension build up
  • Regulate sleep and anxiety
  • Maintain wellness and a sense of wellbeing

$69/wk for 12 wks

12 Treatments


What needs attention first?

Let’s start there.

  • Once a week care*
  • Reduce pain, stress, and tension
  • Relieve anxiety and patterns of worry
  • Release old pain and effects of trauma
  • Restore balance to your body and mind

$139/wk for 12 wks

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Whole Health Care

Beginning with a consult allows our team to guide and collaborate on your care.

Consult + 12 Treatments

In depth collaborative care provides the space and attention for transformative healing.

  • Whole Health Consult followed by weekly care*
  • Receive a personalized care map based on your goals
  • Change the baseline of your pain, stress, and anxiety
  • Be supported through habit changes and transitions
  • Deepen your awareness and sense of connection

$159/wk for 12 wks

Consult + 18 Treatments

Our most in depth, multi-layered invitation to experience wellness that lasts.

  • Whole Health Consult, followed by weekly and twice/week care*
  • Treat long-lasting or chronic pain conditions
  • Release habitual patterns of tension in the body and mind
  • Increase functional movement and range of motion
  • Regulate your nervous system

$229/wk for 12 wks

*Scheduling is flexible in order to meet you where you are. We can work around travel and other schedule conflicts by making up treatments on other weeks.

Yes, we accept FSAs & HSAs, and we have a Sliding Scale available upon request.

Let’s talk about how we can support you.

“For those 3 mo, it seemed like I had an extra team of people who cared about me and were helping me out. That felt really helpful. And healing.”

-Bo W., 3 mo member

Single Treatments & Packages

1 Treatment


5 Treatments


10 Treatments


Whole Health Integrative Consult


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