Collaboration, Cooperation, Integration

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The process of collaboration, cooperation, and integration aligns our integrative practice and the way our practitioners approach body and health. It informs our understanding of wholeness and how we treat patients. 

Each person who is in our care is the navigator. We follow them. Instead of taking a mechanical or mechanistic approach, with a strict formula and linear expectations, we use collaboration and cooperation to allow transformation to happen. We can allow the body mind soul to reveal, to unravel old patterns, and to loosen. 

We collaborate on patient care across our 5 domains of treatment. Our practitioners engage with each other to discuss their observations. This generates new levels of insight into how we can better support and treat each patient within the practice. 

Cooperation is a key element of collaboration. It is part of the process by design. By engaging cooperatively, we create a container of process. We are able to engage at a high level with each other as practitioners with the patient at the center of our focus. 

Each touchpoint becomes an opportunity to have a healing experience. We are co-creating this experience between the patient and the practice as a team. We thrive in the team mindset. It allows us to use a more organic approach to care. 

After collaboration and cooperation comes integration. The definition of integration is “the action or process of combining into completeness and harmony.” It is not just a matter of combining two things, like a + b, but is more complex than that. It is closer to a recipe than a math formula. Integration is how we create a new sense of wholeness. 

Collaboration, cooperation, and integration work together as a process, like a turning wheel. Continuous collaboration.  Continuous cooperation. Continuous integration. It keeps us engaged and keeps us going. It is never the same because we are never the same. 


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