Tenderness is not Fragility

Mindfulness meditation

Compassion doesn’t make us weak

Compassionate awareness does not make us weak or fragile. On the contrary, it brings us to a deeper connection with what hurts us from the past and in the present and helps us to develop a stronger sense of self.

We are so used to separating ourselves from our emotions that the nature of what has hurt us and what has hurt us collectively gets drowned out by our normal ways of coping with stress. With burnout on the rise and the challenge of employee retention, the business world is even starting to pay attention. “Compassion is a vital component of effective leadership.” (Harvard Business Review)

How can we heal our wounds?

How can we heal our wounds? Taking care of ourselves doesn’t have to be done all at once or every day. Healing isn’t a linear process, but being intentional and consistent helps. Practices like mindfulness can help us learn to cultivate individual and collective compassion.

Let’s connect with ourselves and each other. Let’s create culture through rituals that are meaningful for each of us. Life will always go on. Paying attention with intention and compassion supports our tenderness to be with life as it is, without distracting ourselves or pretending to be something we’re not.

Healing for the Whole of You


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