Connecting with Body

Mindfulness meditation

The Body’s Wisdom


Our bodies feel and process the world around us all the time, including our emotions. So how do we connect with our body’s sensations? We pay attention with intention.

With practice, we can listen to our body’s wisdom without self-criticism and judgment, which helps us better understand ourselves. Our body constantly senses and records our experiences, not only what we observe and hear, but our emotions as well. Our body’s wisdom gives us a wealth of information if we can learn to listen. Some of the ways that our body tells us it’s time to pay attention: tight shoulders, low back pain, chest tightness, headache, and loss of voice.

How Do We Listen to Our Body?


So, how do we connect to our body? The answer is to pay attention with curiosity. We’re used to focusing our senses outward. But we can also learn to direct our attention inward. Practices such as mindfulness, somatic processing and reiki help build this connection. There’s no need to control or change anything; just listen. Ask yourself, “Why do my heels hurt?” or “Why do I wake up every night at the same time?” Then sit with your curiosity and see what comes up.

When we are tuned in and curious, we learn to listen to the body’s intuition. We may find that we would feel better if we sat up straighter, that our eyes are getting tired from looking at screens, or that a fresh piece of pineapple sounds delicious. By tuning into our bodies, we recognize that we are feeling beings living in a world of sensations. Then, we can tap into our deep body wisdom and healing ability.

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