A Conversation without Words

Mindfulness meditation

We are hard-wired to use our senses.  Patients often ask their therapist, what did you feel? The question is the right question, but directed at the wrong person. We all need to answer that question for ourselves.


Sensing is a conversation without words. When you receive input such as a treatment, your therapist is also sensing information, but putting it into words is only an interpretation. What is meaningful is your own understanding of what you sensed and what you felt. 


The sheer breadth of effective mind-body treatments offers a big wordless conversation.  Treatments like Acupuncture, Energy Medicine, Bodywork, and Movement with Awareness cannot be encapsulated into finite brushstrokes.  This new concept of sensing into our bodymind is not an easy task.  But in the same breath, it is also a joy. 


Healing work brings us big messages. As providers, we don’t want to dumb it down or oversimplify it. We want you to be able to experience it in all its magic. Yes, it is practical everyday medicine that is useful for health and healing. It also speaks to us all in ways that touch the very core of who we are, how we hurt, and what we need to support a life of wellbeing. 

These are deep waters full of abundance. They bring us the ability to gain not only emotional but also physical balance. Energetically, healing treatments intermesh. They work synergistically, building on each other. 


We follow you. We are not telling you about yourself. Instead, we are inviting you to discover deep, wonderful truths. We will build upon the foundations you have already created. And we can resource you for a richer, more effective practice as you move through your health journey. 


This is co-active, incredible medicine. It nourishes the bodymind.  We are working with you, and with your energy, to find balance. Together, we can achieve health goals and cultivate wellbeing. 



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