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Trauma. Grief. Depression. Anxiety. Relationships. Life is complex and can feel overwhelming and hard sometimes. We all need support as we move through big feelings and life challenges. Counseling supports becoming more aware in order to better manage thoughts and emotions.

Mental Health is foundational to physical health. Integrative mental health for trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and life changes, works with the interconnectedness of our bodies and minds. Sessions support making positive changes and finding clarity about critical life decisions. This especially supports recovery from loss, addiction, trauma, relationship/marriage adversity, anxiety, and depression.

Seeing a holistic counselor helps us navigate life transitions mindfully, like work/life balance, marriage/divorce/remarriage, and health and aging. Here’s how it works:

Our Process:

Intake: We talk with you about your health concerns, health history, and current goals.

Assessment: We assess your physical, mental, and energetic body before and during treatment.

Treatment: May include mindfulness techniques, breathwork, EMDR, DBT, rituals, nature, and creative practices.

Follow-up: We will make clear recommendations for your continuing care and best treatment.

Your course of treatment is designed to be most effective for you. Counseling treatments are often once a week or every 2 weeks for up to several months. Chronic conditions can take longer to rebalance. The goal of Counseling treatments is to provide relief from symptoms, improve anxiety and depression, improve relationship skills, and provide clarity and a sense of wellbeing.

Serving the greater Nashville area, our Counselor has 20+ years combined experience and is licensed as an LPC-MHSP. Working closely with our integrative team, they will guide you step-by-step through treatments to help you feel your best.

In our Integrative practice, Counseling works with:


to treat depression, trauma, and patterns of tension


to integrate mindful eating and receive nourishment


to reduce stress and promote wellbeing

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“The membership goes above and beyond what I expected and what I hoped for. I feel empowered by the Ha.Lé team. I feel that the providers are working fluidly together. I see my health outcomes coming together easily. I am motivated, resourced and engaged.”

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