Creating a Community of Care

Mindfulness meditation

Can we create wellbeing and care for ourselves through community? In life we can see how bodies need other bodies.  “As biological beings made of dirt, water, air, and fire, feeling deep within our bone is a place to begin to re-member our dignity.  We are neither separate from the rhythms of the earth nor the spiraling vortexes of the cosmos.  We are our own story of becoming.” -Liz Koch


The web that interconnects us has a long lineage borrowed from heaven and earth.  As humans we need other species and the earth to live and thrive.  We can borrow from one another knowing this is how systems thrive. It is not about how many years you have studied. It is about co-creating and leaning into others so that we can borrow from one another. 


At Ha.Lé, we have a broad foundation of work. This includes fields like somatic patterning, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and acupressure, 5 element theory, point therapeutics, meditation, Liz Koch’s work with biologic living systems, bodywork, yoga, breema, and more. This forms the context of our bodies when we interact with your body. It creates depth that we can all borrow from. 


You don’t have to traverse years of study in order to benefit. We can enter into a shared space where this information, this learning, becomes an opportunity. It isn’t about us telling you things. Instead, we invite you in, so that together we can realign our attention with intention. We can facilitate moving together with presence. 


We do not ask you to move outside your comfort zone or ability. Instead, we invite you to self-meander. We invite you into self-inquiry. You get to workshop yourself in the space that we co-create together. 


There is no hierarchy of knowing. Even though we have a long list of expertise, that list just goes into the field. We invite you to meet us there. Together, we get to have an experience that is very much dependent on who shows up in the room, because we are borrowing from each other. 


We are creating wellbeing for ourselves. We enjoy inviting you into these spaces, because it is about the collective. It is about creating communities of care. Because what we have may not be what you have, and what you have is not what we have. Our bodies need other bodies. We need each other. 


As Bayo Akomolafe says, “The times are urgent, let’s slow down.” Let us be present together.


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