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Returning home to our bodies, our voices, ourselves —

by retrieving our intuitive creative expression


Creative Homecoming Workshop

A Creative Workshop Series


Saturdays 1:30-3:30 pm

October 14th – November 18th

A cohort of 8-12 members

For women, trans and non-binary folks of all backgrounds.

No previous art-making experience required!

Enneagram Wisdom & Embodiment Class

Facilitated by Jo Roberts

Jo Roberts (she/they) is a queer artist, ritualist, facilitator, punk singer, LMSW, Jewitch, and student/champion of curiosity and awe. Feral Queen Apothecary is her home for an emergent batch of earth+body-based healing practices centered in connective magic, mischief, and liberatory self-expression.

Jo’s work grows from the belief that creative expression is our birthright, and vital to a soulful life. There are literally infinite ways of art making; we can have much greater access to our creative channel than we’ve been taught. And every time we let even a tiny-unexpected-something come through, a new world becomes possible.


Session One:


Creative Expression is our Birthright 

We will invoke the Celtic/Norse myth of the Selkie ~ a being who is half-seal half-woman, who must find the sealskin coat that was taken from her in order to support our return Home to the ocean. This series offers the opportunity to explore creativity as something innate within us, that many of us have been tricked into forsaking or giving away. 


Session Two:


Undoing People-Pleasing

With compassion and care, we will begin to look at: what has stopped us from making art that is “imperfect,” “ugly,” “untrained,” or “too much” in any way? What happens when we relinquish likability for truth? Moreover, how can we support the parts of us who are understandably scared to do so?


Session Three:


Creative Homecoming to the Earth-body

We are animals, and our bodies are made of earth and stars. Shame is a colonial project. In this session, we will turn to plant allies for lessons in BEING — being our fierce, soft, weird, wild, unfurling, curling, closing, opening, radiant selves. 


Session Four:


Echolocation — Unleashing the Voice

Speaking, singing, and taking up sonic space can be scary for many reasons. Yet we yearn to use our voices in powerful ways. Through supportive vocalization experiments, we will practice unlocking worlds of sound within us.


Session Five:


Dream House

Many of us grew up in unsafe homes, which makes the journey of finding+building this creative internal homecoming all the more potent. We will create in honor of inner children who wait patiently for us to come home to them. We will create in honor of protective ancestors who tend the hearth and guide us back to ourselves.


Session Six:


Carrying Home With Us

Closing ritual. We will craft an element of our sealskin coats, representing that which we want to reclaim and keep close… wherever we travel.

Registration is open!

Pricing on a 3 Tier Scale:

$240  Supported Enrollment

$360 Standard Enrollment (this price reflects the actual cost of the workshop)

$480 Pay it Forward Enrollment (this amount helps us offer the sliding scale & increase access)

Deeper sliding scale and payment plans available upon request, email Chelsea: health@carolinek6.sg-host.com

Questions? Call/text:  615-415-0242

A Couple Important Notes:



Art/craft supplies of all stripes and shapes and sizes will be provided by Turnip Green Creative Reuse. You are more than welcome to bring your own materials! All modes of creative expression welcome.


Covid Care:

Rapid covid tests will be provided before session begins, and we will mask until all results come through. Thank you for protecting each other and our communities!