Cultivating Rituals of Care

Mindfulness meditation

Learning to connect to yourself is a practice of living sustainably.

Integrative health care is a woven tapestry of practices promoting a connection to ourselves and life. Cultivating a ritual of care creates an experience for integration. Ha.Le’ integrates modes of care that function in a qualitative cross-over pattern. Weaving sensory input with evidence-based science is our signature.

The practice of self-care engages the essence of embodiment. Regulating the nervous system, staying in the present moment, feeling whole, finding fluidity, knowing ourselves, and practicing empathy. This isn’t lifestyle medicine. This is about living sustainability.

Somatic Bodywork Integrative Medicine

We can learn from indigenous cultures, including ancient practices such as qigong or acupuncture. They are the technology of resilience and address issues that are problematic to our human condition.

These practices are not services that take place in spas; instead, the practice is the function of sustainable health care and can become a critical part of well-being. In other words, integrative health care is about the cultivation of rituals that embody self-care for sustainable well-being.


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