Earth, Bodies, and Fragmentation

Mindfulness meditation

The framework of how humans relate to our bodies has changed over time.  We have adapted through the ages, changing how we understand our body here on earth and how we function. In modern times, the industrial complex has brought us farther away from our original understanding of how we relate to ourselves, each other, and nature.  

As we have come away from our natural biorhythms, it has changed the way in which we connect with others, engage with nature, and use our senses to understand the world around us. Our ancestors were in deep relationship with the patterns of the seasons. In our modern society, we have come a long way from those rhythms and have largely lost the ability to sense and feel when it is time for harvesting and planting.  

Our current rhythms mostly come from industry, and a lot of business is formulated around manufacturing. Our lives have been organized around the time we go to work, get off work, feed ourselves, and sleep. And now we add in this new age of technology, where we have so much access to so many things all the time, and so the framework in which we understand ourselves is often fragmented. 

Technology is a tool that absolutely has enhanced human connectivity, and it takes us away from our senses. It is a phenomenal force of our time, and it is moving faster than we can process its possibilities. We can become so engaged with technology that we forget that we are contained within a body. We can forget to connect to our senses. 

When we forget to connect to our senses, it can leave us fragmented from our body. This leaves us feeling less present and less whole. To bring ourselves back together, we can connect with body and earth. The ground holds us. Our body holds us. 

We are fluid systems. We have forgotten that we are fluid. We have forgotten that we are in a container called a human body, and that our tissues are alive. We can remember who we are and where we come from. As we bring ourselves out of fragmentation and come together, we can be more intentional about how we interface with ourselves and the earth. We can bring our understanding of self so that we can commune with others.

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