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Navigating Our Essential Relationships


Enneagram Wisdom & Embodiment Class

Join Janice Cathey and Deb Markland to learn strategies for deepening our connections using embodied practices and enneagram wisdom.

This workshop is designed for women and will be limited in size to foster connection and conversation.

What is the Enneagram?

The Enneagram is much more than a personality typing tool. When we truly understand it, the Enneagram offers a holistic roadmap to better understanding our interior world, overcoming patterns that hold us back, and guiding us toward transformation.

True discovery involves the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Therefore, combining Enneagram wisdom with Somatics provides a flashlight perspective, lighting the path toward our true nature. Likewise, helping us discover the motivations behind our actions is invaluable. Above all, this insight helps nurture our understanding of and compassion for our loved ones and communities as well as ourselves.



The Embodied Power of Somatics

When we engage the body and brain, we create an opportunity to locate our essential wholeness with our soma. Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner Jenny Winkel describes Somatics this way, “The Greek word sōma…refers to the fleshy container that houses our [spirit, mind and conscious awareness].” We can hold ourselves and our relationships with loving kindness when we unlock our capacity for self-understanding.

Guided by ancient Enneagram wisdom and through greater embodied self-awareness, we will develop more compassion for ourselves and others.

Class begins September 20, 2023

Wednesdays at 6:30 pm CT


Week 1 – Introduction In Person (Location TBA)  Wed Sept 20

Week 2 – Virtual Session, Wed Sept 27

Week 3 – Virtual Session Wed Oct 4

Week 4 – Virtual Session Wed Oct 11

~ off week Wed Oct 18 ~

Week 5 – Virtual Session Wed Oct 25

Week 6 – Special Closing in Person Wed Nov 1

Registration is open!

Pricing on a 3 Tier Scale:

$240  Supported Enrollment

$360 Standard Enrollment (this price reflects the actual cost of the workshop)

$480 Pay it Forward Enrollment (this amount helps us offer the sliding scale & increase access)

Deeper sliding scale and payment plans available upon request, email Chelsea: health@carolinek6.sg-host.com

Questions? Call/text:  615-415-0242

More Resources

Knowing your Enneagram type will be helpful but optional.

Online Enneagram Tests are a helpful place to start. We will delve deeper during the class since the tests tend to measure behavior vs. motivation. Still, they are a helpful start to exploring your way of seeing the world.

Here are a couple of Free Tests to consider:

Truity Online Enneagram Test: The initial test is free, with an option to purchase more information
Micro Test – Two questions designed by Top Enneagram Experts Beatrice Chesnut & Uranio Paes

Other Tests to Consider for a Fee

iEQ9 Test – Comprehensive, Well-Researched Test
RHETI Test through the Enneagram Institute – $12.00

Recommended Reading for this Class:The Path Between Us: An Enneagram Journey to Healthy Relationships by Suzanne Stabile