Feel the Stuck

Mindfulness meditation

Feel your stuck.  Just take a minute to notice what feels stuck for you. How is it in your body? What does it look like? Does it have a shape or color?  What does your stuck feel like? Bringing awareness to your stuck gives you tools to get unstuck. The jumble is the goldmine. 


Nothing in nature stays stuck. Nature is, at its essence, regenerative. If you think of a blockage in a river, it transforms over time. There is a flow of change and adjustment that releases the stuck point. 


As bodies from nature, we can work with the same principles of being in a process.  We can think of all of life as a process. We are always growing and changing. Not just through childhood to adulthood, but also as full adults. We have an array of options to play with, like mindfulness, daily practices, and neuroplasticity.

The language of the body is our feelings. We can investigate and be curious. We like to think of being unstuck as having agency and standing our ground. It is not a binary, where we can switch straight from stuck to full agency. Instead, like a baby learning to walk, we can move through a process that releases what feels stuck and increases what feels like self-determination. 


If we investigate the “middle way” as an understanding of a practical life, we may discover the real gemstones of a life well-lived. We often talk about the negative or the positive, and we associate feelings that are joyful or pleasant with the perception of “a good life.”  We may think that’s where we want to live all the time. But instead, most of us are living a “good enough life” somewhere in the middle.  Feeling stuck or constrained is a process much like a journey. Your stuck is a great resource.  


Inhabit the stuck. It’s not out there. Put yourself in it, and then you can find movement. Your body is the river. You are the river. Our feelings are not outside of ourselves. We are our feelings, and our feelings teach us how to process through the stuck.


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