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Nature is innately restorative, and mindfulness creates a path to that natural restorative response. We can look at the patterns of our mind body, the patterns of the cultural body, and how these patterns respond to crisis. Asking ourselves to pause and reflect facilitates a restorative response. 

The Dalai Lama says that his religion is a religion of kindness. Lead with lovingkindness. Use mindfulness and meditation to practice and send your lovingkindness to yourself and to others. 

The culture we belong to is made up of bodies. We can think of our collective consciousness as an actual entity with a body and a nervous system. This means that we can apply healing principles not only to our own body, but also the cultural body and its cultural nervous system. Working in this way can be transformative. It allows for reconstruction without ideological agenda. 

Dr. Martin Luther King used the term Beloved Community. I belong, you belong, we belong. This cultivates collaborative cultures and belonging. Collaborative intelligence expands us, because we belong from the inside to the outside. It is a way to bring healing and lovingkindness to the cultural body. 

We can use mindfulness to participate in lovingkindness and Beloved Community. We can create MLK’s global vision where all the people of the earth share in the wealth of the earth. All forms of discrimination, bigotry, and prejudice will be replaced by an all inclusive spirit of inner connection.


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