Frozen in Fear

Mindfulness meditation




We are all in the winter, in this freeze. And the experience of being frozen stops us from transforming. It stops our process. We are feeling this on a practical level right now, as our lives and normal routines have paused for a few days due to winter weather. 

Fear also leads to freeze, and is a part of the energy of winter. When we work with fear, we recognize it as an emotion. Many people talk about fear as negative, but really, it is part of the normal spectrum of emotion. The places to do work with fear are at the extremes, where there is a complete absence of fear, or an overwhelm of fear that causes frozenness with no movement. 

Think of frozen water. To bring movement back, we want to warm it. The same is true for the body. When our body has frozen in fear, we want to gently warm it, breaking up the frozen element and bringing in movement and transformation. Fear is an energy, and that energy needs to go somewhere. Are you going to house it, and hold it in your body? Or would you like to engage in practices that help process it through?

Fear is not an energy to fight or deny. Instead, we can face it by engaging with it. We can allow it to flow through us. Practices that engage the breath are especially helpful for transforming fear, because “fear is excitement without the breath.” Qigong, Bodywork, Mindfulness, and Acupuncture can all support the gentle warming of the body out of frozen fear and into mindful transformation. 


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