Mindfulness meditation


Being generous with yourself is not the same as being selfish. Selfishness puts your own wants ahead of the needs and feelings of other people. Being generous with yourself allows you to replenish your own spirit, so that you can be more open hearted with others.  Generosity is a health-enhancing practice. Being generous changes our brain chemistry, making us happier and healthier. Our stress hormone levels drop, our tension levels decrease, and our blood pressure and heart rate re-regulate.  If we cultivate generosity as a practice and a way that we choose to live our lives, then we need it to be sustainable. To do this, we need to be generous with ourselves as well as others. We cannot pour from an empty pitcher, and being generous with ourselves helps to refill our capacity to do wonderful things for others.  Taking care of ourselves in generous and loving ways lays the foundations of how much we can give to others. Generosity feels great on a very deep, biochemical level. Being generous with ourselves allows us to be generous with others and enter into a sustaining cycle of taking care of each other.


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