Go for a Walk and Feel Better

Mindfulness meditation



Walking is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. Walking outside, in fresh air, with other people, is one of the best supports for our physical, mental, and emotional health we can access right now. 

We are designed to walk as our main mode of transportation! Many of our biological systems work best when we are in motion. Walking increases circulation, nourishing our whole body with blood and oxygen. This nourishment supports tissue repair and can help solve minor issues before we even notice them. 

Walking brings mental and emotional benefits as well. The rhythm of walking helps us enter a light meditative state. This regulates breathing, lowers stress, and helps us feel peace and calm. As the mind and body communicate with each step, our coordination and problem solving abilities tend to improve. 

Being outside and walking with others also has social and emotional benefits. Feelings of social isolation have direct negative impacts on our health, and so being outside in fresh, healthy air and around others helps us reconnect safely. 

Walking is one of the most fundamental self-care practices we can do. It directly supports our heath and wellbeing on every level. It is especially helpful now, when the opportunity to have socially distanced interactions is so important. 



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