Headache Clinic with Dr. Sharp

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The Headache Clinic is for patients with chronic headaches or migraines.

It is for patients who are disappointed with results of traditional headache medications, would like to reduce those medications, or would like a different, more natural approach altogether. 

Emphasis will be placed on finding and reducing triggers for the headaches rather than just treating the pain itself. Other areas of pain that may augment or trigger the headache pain will be addressed as indicated.  Also, complementary symptoms to the headaches such as sleep disorders, fatigue, and stress will be considered.

Treatments may include energy medicine techniques, acupuncture, dietary manipulation, supplements, and herbal remedies.

Headache Clinic Scheduling: Call/Text 615-415-0242

(online scheduling coming soon)

Dr. Stephen Sharp MD is a board-certified neurologist with 30 years of experience treating patients with headaches and other neurological conditions, and 10 years experience dedicated to holistic approaches.

He previously practiced Integrative Pain Medicine and Neurology at Walter-Reed National Military Medical Center, and developed clinical standards of care for Traumatic Brain Injuries for the DCoE and DoD.

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