Healthy Relationships

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Healthy relationships can be transformative. We are social animals and we need each other. Our communal tendencies and tribal being is hardwired into us. 


Independence is oversold. We are socialized to think that we need to be independent in everything. Yes, we can rock it and make things happen for ourselves! But if we don’t balance independence with social connection, we can develop feelings of isolation and anxiety. 


Healthy relationships are powerful. When we open up enough to give love and receive love in return, we can be transformed. Loving support can help us work through deep hurts and trauma wounds.

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Curiosity and authenticity are hallmarks of healthy relationships. When we are able to set the boundaries we need and treat each other with respect, we create a sense of safety. Safety helps us feel seen and heard. We are then able to bring more of our whole selves into our relationships.


Mental health includes our whole self, including our relationships. We are woven into the fabric of our connections with others, and that fabric can offer mutual support for growth and healing. Counseling, Life Coaching, and other Integrative Healthcare can help us tend our connections with ourselves and others.


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