Holistic Health Support for Long COVID

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While the complexities of long COVID continue to challenge the global health community, holistic and integrative health practices offer hope and support.


Long COVID Symptoms

Long covid, where some covid symptoms linger for weeks or months after the initial illness, continues to challenge the global health field. Research is still working to understand exactly what causes long COVID. What we do know now is that holistic and integrative health treatments can help ease symptoms. 

Fatigue and Brain Fog

Lingering symptoms of long COVID include ongoing fatigue and brain fog. Integrative treatments promote deeper levels of rest and restorative practice. A recent study called Addressing the Long COVID Crisis: Integrative Health and Long COVID concludes:

Integrative health…has the potential to improve the health and reduce the symptoms of those with long COVID. Thus, it should become a core area for research and delivery for patients with persistent post-COVID problems.This type of more effective rest can free up resources in the body and mind, increasing focus and energy.

Pain and Body Aches

Another symptom of long COVID is chronic pain. Holistic treatments like Bodywork,  Gyrotonics and Pilates help nourish our bodies’ tissues to promote health and healing. These integrative practices also work with the nervous system to turn down the volume of pain signals, so that we are more comfortable overall. 

Changes in Taste and Smell

Our sense of taste and smell affects our ability to enjoy meals. Again, integrative medicine offers hope. A recent clinical study observed, “Patients with long-lasting COVID-19-related smell dysfunction improved after a 30-day olfactory training (or smell training) protocol.” Integrative healthcare can resource you with ways to work with your altered senses in ways that help you reclaim some of your enjoyment! It can also support the general health of your sensory nerves. 


Long COVID is also linked to depression and other mood changes. Mindfulness helps regulate mood through natural biochemistry, and supports mental and emotional health. 

Integrative health begins by listening to you about how you are feeling, and then works with your whole system to help you feel better. Scientists don’t yet fully understand COVID-19’s lingering symptoms. Still, we now know that holistic health practices can relieve distress and support continued recovery from long COVID.


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