Integrative Care for Low Back Pain

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When we sit for long periods of time, it often causes low back pain. Low back pain is a very common health issue, and it responds especially well to integrative healthcare. 

Sitting down causes the hamstrings to tighten, which then pulls the pelvis out of alignment, causing it to tilt. This tilt then puts extra stress on the structures of the low back and hips. Muscles tighten and fascia gets thicker and shorter, adapting in ways that seem to hold the shape of sitting down even when we are standing, walking, or running. 

Treatment for low back pain works with the tension and structural issues caused by sitting. It releases muscle tension and restores the shape of the fascia. It also helps nourish tissues by bringing blood and nutrient flow to oxygen-starved nerves and muscles. 

Resetting the nervous system is another part of treating low back pain. When pain has become chronic, it changes the way our nerves tell us we are hurting. We can turn those alarms back down and decrease our pain levels. 

Integrative healthcare is an effective way to ease low back pain. We are able to address what hurts, helps turn down the volume of the pain, and help you learn how to better support your body moving forward. 


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