Integrative Healthcare and Holistic Healthcare

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Integrative healthcare is a form of holistic healthcare that focuses on evidence-based treatments. They both take the same approach to health, looking at the whole instead of the parts.  Holistic healthcare sees each person as a whole person. Instead of focusing on only the body part that hurts, for example, a holistic approach looks at the ways that particular pain connects to the whole system. By working with people as whole systems, the holistic approach is able to address the source of symptoms.  Holistic health uses a broad definition of the body. It understands that mental and emotional health is expressed through the physical body. Also, physical imbalance impacts our thoughts and feelings. When we treat each person as a whole, we can work with these imbalances to restore a broad sense of well-being.  Integrative healthcare is firmly rooted in the whole person approach to health. We provide holistic treatments that are specifically evidence-based. This allows us to be confident that our treatments are as safe and effective as possible.  Holistic healthcare describes a philosophy of treatment that works with the body as a whole. Integrative healthcare is holistic healthcare that has been proven by research. Once holistic treatments have evidence to show their effectiveness, they can be added into the category of integrative healthcare.


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