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In our Integrative Healthcare practice in Nashville, TN, we look at your whole self instead of isolated pieces of you. We concentrate our attention on your complete body and mind.

We work by identifying patterns of disharmony. This provides the framework for our treatments.  Our therapies are designed to bring you into balance, restore and heal.  We work as a team to understand the relationship between what is working and what is out of harmony. 

When we go to what is working well and give it energy, it opens up possibilities and improves your own capability to move through what is more difficult. But if we only go to the places that aren’t working and try to fix them, we won’t get anywhere because the system is too depleted. 

Oncology patient treatment is a great example of this. Our integrative treatments don’t fix the cancer. Instead we support the patient’s health in ways that relieve symptoms and give their body a reprieve. Less pain, better nourishment, and better sleep all give them strength to cope with the bigger underlying condition. 

A lot of healthcare will implement techniques that are goal oriented and data-driven. We don’t. Data is important, especially for establishing a baseline, but it also offers a very limited perspective. 

Instead, we concentrate on developing human potential. We are invested in the process of whole bodied health, which includes the whole of a person: mind, body, and spirit.  These are long term solutions. We work at a level that is much more nuanced than basic problem solving. 

This is similar to Universal Basic Income (UBI). People who live in poverty often have long lists of complicated issues related to child care, physical and mental health, and housing opportunities.  A UBI provides them with a guaranteed sustainable, reliable income. What happens? All those other systems start to stabilize. 

When we stabilize a system, other systems will by default start to stabilize as well. We can work from a place that stabilizes a top line system first. As it comes into balance, it frees resources to then stabilize and heal the next system, and then the next. 

Strengthening and optimizing structures and systems that are working well helps counterbalance health and disease.  When a system is off, we infuse the support systems with more nourishment. This creates resources that can give more to the overall disharmony that needs support.  

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