Integrative Medical Consults in Nashville

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Integrative Medical Consults at Ha.Lé Integrative Health

Chronic pain. Anxiety. Autoimmune conditions. IBS. Our healthcare system often has trouble treating the whole of you. Chronic, systemic, and/or mind-body health issues can be frustrating to navigate. Integrative Medical Consults are designed to assess your whole self instead of offering fragmented care.

In an Integrative Medical Consult, your physician will spend about an hour listening to you. We go through your health history, your concerns, and your goals. We want that big picture perspective.

An Integrative Medical Consult is holistic, functional medicine taken to the next level. We want to design your healthcare so that you feel better in the short term, improve your baseline health for the long term, and are empowered to maintain your progress after treatment. Here’s how it works:

Our Process:

Intake: We ask you for a comprehensive view of your health history.

Assessment: We talk with you and make an in depth assessment of which specific combination of treatments will best support you and your health goals.

Treatment: We map out the treatment plan designed specifically for you.

Follow-up: As you move through your treatment plan, your care team is in constant communication. We collaborate and refine your care plan as needed, based on how you respond to treatment.

Your course of treatment is designed to be most effective for you. A 3 or 5-month Membership is a good fit for most patients. The goal of an Integrative Medical Consult is to listen to you, assess where you are now, and map out the treatment plan that will best serve your needs.

Serving the greater Nashville area, our doctors have 50+ years combined experience and are Board-Certified Physicians. Working closely with our licensed providers, they will guide you step-by-step through treatments to help you become your best self.

Integrative Medical Consults recommend a combination of 2 or more treatments, including:




Life Coaching



Integrative Healthcare Services

“The membership goes above and beyond what I expected and what I hoped for. I feel empowered by the Ha.Lé team. I feel that the providers are working fluidly together. I see my health outcomes coming together easily. I am motivated, resourced and engaged.”

Ha.Lé member, 2021