The Difference Between Integrative and Alternative Healthcare

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Integrative Healthcare is different from alternative healthcare. They have very different philosophies of care, and different goals.  Integrative healthcare is supportive, and works with conventional medical care. It asks the question, what will help you feel better right now? It is able to work with a wide range of health situations, including minor discomforts, chronic conditions, and very serious diagnoses.  Alternative healthcare presents itself as a replacement for conventional care. Rather than collaborate with your other doctors, it suggests receiving only alternative care. It often claims to be the only treatment you will need, and so is not supportive of other treatments.  Integrative healthcare is evidence-based. It works to ease your symptoms in proven ways. Because it is backed by research, it is also relatively safe. The risks have been identified and treatments have been adjusted to be as safe and effective as possible.  Alternative healthcare, however, is not supported by evidence. It often makes unsubstantiated claims about health outcomes, with no research to back them up. This means that treatments are often potentially risky.  Integrative healthcare is safer and more effective than alternative healthcare, and it is able to work with your existing doctors. Integrative healthcare is also relatively inexpensive. This means that it can be easy to add to your conventional healthcare plan in order to feel better more quickly.


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