What We Do

Overwhelmed by healthcare options? We’ve got you. 

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Expert Care, Community, and Support


Reclaim your time and energy with us.

We understand your frustration.

You want to feel your best, but traditional healthcare doesn’t address the whole person. They don’t collaborate with you, and they only treat your symptoms. 

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We know you’ve been doing everything you can.

You’re busy, and you probably haven’t felt like yourself in a long time. You’ve been researching holistic treatments and trying therapists all over town. It takes more time and energy than you have to give.

You don’t have to navigate this all on your own.

You deserve to feel better and be your best. We are a team of skilled integrative practitioners and a community of people committed to health and well-being. 

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You are not alone. You have us. We have each other. 

With Ha.Lé, you get comprehensive holistic care that can go deep enough to truly transform you and help you feel your best. Our team of highly-skilled clinicians and healers work togther on your behalf.

We are committed to you. All of you.  

You’re smart. You’re used to making things happen. 

You don’t need to keep working hard and staying frustrated with your care. You don’t need to keep searching, one treatment and therapist at a time.

We invite you to into a customized, whole person approach to your health and well-being.

A young happy black woman holding a blanket in the park.

Get started in the way that feels good to you. 

You can start small, with one practitioner for one session, or lean in to a package or membership. You can try out a class or join us on a retreat. Whatever feels best, we are honored to support you.  

“I left each appointment feeling so good about showing up for my mental and physical health. Because my team was so invested in me, I showed up and did the work as well. I felt so good about taking the time and felt the money was so well spent. It was truly valuable and worth it.”

-Carrie T