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Body ~ Voice ~ Sense ~ Vision

A Somatic Envisioning Workshop

in Joshua Tree, CA

May 18-19, 2024

Arrive Sat May 18th 9:30 am

Depart Sun May 19th 9:30 am

Faciliated by Judith Scott and Ha Le’

$789 per person

Much of modern life seeks to deaden or numb us through the use of repetitive imagery, low-grade sounds, and synthetic experiences.

Awaken to yourSELF!


YOGA NIDRA is a practice (sleep yoga) where we begin to guide the body and the central nervous system back to their natural state of rest and digestion, restoring a sense of grounding into nature’s rhythms. We will then practice somatic body awareness with intention and attention to ourselves with breathwork, gentle movement, and restorative practice. 


Your voice is the signature of your body. A series of gentle movements and sound explorations activates and frees the voice and breath to render a sense of whole body cohesion and rootedness.


Examine the impact of language and sound in your body through writing prompts and sharing.


With your individual Life Force Energy and Presence awakened we are now ready to odyssey together into the sub and superconscious mind.

More details to follow.

Come play with us in the Mojave Desert. 


Judith Scott is a professional actor, having worked in television and film for over 42 years. Currently mentoring with Liz Koch (Core Awareness). Judith studies shadow work with Phil Stutz from The Tools (Netflix documentary STUTZ). 

An acting student of Larry Moss (The Intent to Live) for 20 years. 

Dreamwork with Valerie Dillman of Dreaming with Val.

Judith has also studied Kristin Linklater’s Freeing the Voice, Afro-Caribbean dance, and the craft of memoir with various writing teachers.


Ha, aka Janice Cathey, is a movement educator, healing artist, somatic therapist, LMT, visionary, and creator. She has been integrating healing arts practices for the transformation of body and mind for over 20 years.

Janice’s visionary approach to integrative healing and movement is inspired by her life story as an immigrant and as a brown woman. With an Inner MBA in Mindful Leadership from NYU, Ha leads teams and co-creates with an emotionally intelligent collaborative approach to growth and well-being. A natural leader who weaves together her experience in shiatsu therapy, intuitive healing, and somatic practices. Ha has studied and been mentored by Shinzo and Minakshi, Fire and Water, Liz Koch, Core Awareness, Katherine Correa, Breema, and Feldenkrais, and has been a lifelong student of the living science of Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. 

Private Sessions with Janice Cathey in LA

Janice Cathey is booking private sessions for Bodywork, Watsu, and Somatics while in Los Angeles.

Please email to get on the list!

Workshop Registration is Closed


$250 Deposit holds your spot

Balance due by April 1st

Questions? Call/text  615-415-0242

Cancellation Policy

The last few years have taught us that sometimes plans have to change. Our cancellation policy applies universally, including cancellations due to personal reasons and cancellations due to global events.

$250 deposit is nonrefundable after March 1st.

Cancellations within 3 weeks of workshop may incur other fees.