Keeping Our Hands Healthy

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We use our hands for almost everything we do, and using our phones and computers can put extra strain on them. We tend to use our hands effortlessly until something starts to hurt, and then it can be a shock to find out how crucial hand health is to our lives. Learning to maintain the health of our hands before we have a problem can prevent a lot of distress later. 

Muscles and Connective Tissue: The hands and wrists are complex muscular systems that allow for a wide range of motion. Our thumbs are especially key to our dexterity, and can get overworked. Our forearms will also hold tension as a result of what we do with our hands. Integrative healthcare can help release this tension and promote blood and nutrient supply to the muscles to support their health. 

Nerves: We have a lot of nerve endings in our hands and fingers. These nerves can become painful, inflamed, or numb. Often this is because of repetitive use injuries or unaddressed muscle tension. Calming the pain signals and inflammation through integrative healthcare can help reduce discomfort, restore healthy sensation, and support healing of the nervous tissue. 

Mindful Awareness: Learning to be aware of how we are using our hands helps us support their health. When we notice more of our pain signals and patterns of overuse, we can adjust more easily. For example, noticing tension in the palm at the bottom of the thumb can help us remember to stretch our fingers. Or, if we have wrist pain or aching joints, we can learn to notice what activities make us hurt more, and which activities ease the discomfort. Integrative healthcare helps teach this kind of awareness and adjustment. 

Our hands are busy with our phones, keyboards, and more. Supporting their health helps keep us agile. Integrative healthcare is able to work with the health of your tissues, including the muscles, nerves, and connective tissue. We also support your own awareness of how you use your hands and how to establish healthy movement patterns for continued dexterity. 


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