Metabolizing Change

Mindfulness meditation




Metabolizing is a process of change and transformation. It is a way to digest and dissolve something in order to use it more effectively. We take something in, and then metabolize it in order to receive the nourishment we need and eliminate what we don’t need. 

Metabolizing isn’t just about physical digestion. It is also an emotional and spiritual process. When we approach change from this perspective, it can open up creative solutions that would otherwise have been hard to access. 

When working with change and transformation, we can metabolize our ideas on how things are supposed to work. These assumptions often get in our way. We think life only works one way, kind of like a machine. If I put this in, I will get this out, right? But life is often more complex than that. 

Metabolizing is a process. First we receive something new, and then we break it down. We absorb what will nourish and support us, and then transform the rest. Some of what we have transformed becomes nourishing and is also absorbed. We release and eliminate the rest. 

In the process of metabolizing information and nutrients, we take them in and let them go. It is a rhythmic wave, or an undulation. Sometimes it can get a little chaotic. Sometimes it can get a lot chaotic! But there is always an inward and an outward movement, existing together. 

Metabolizing change is about adaptation. We take things in on one wave, absorb and transform what we can, and then release the rest with the next wave. It is a deeply organic process instead of a mechanical one. It opens a path to deeper change and more creative solutions. 


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