The Mighty Micro-Movement

Mindfulness meditation

Micro is mighty. Tiny and small acts of empowerment can be exactly what we need. In a kayak, very small movements of the paddle will shift the boat. They can change the direction we are going. The same is true of micro-movements in the body. 


Micro-movements are a form of self-empowerment. We often hear in the societal field that what we need is to go big, and more is better.  But what if the tiny and small is what we need instead? It is essential to our core being.


The power of micro-movements is their ability to change the state of the body. They are small, rhythmic movements that affect the lymphatic system, the nervous system, and the circulatory system. They both nourish and regulate. 


Lack of movement causes pain and imbalance. When our muscles are locked in intrinsic or initiatory states, they are engaged but not moving blood. This is what happens when our arms are overextended from the shoulder when we sit at the keyboard, or when our head is shifted too far forward and not balanced on the top of the spine.

This engagement without movement starves your muscles. They use up the available oxygen and calcium in their blood supply without being able to get a fresh supply of nutrients. It also adds a layer of collagen to the connective tissue around the muscle, causing the fascia to thicken. 


Micro-movements, on the other hand, keep muscles and fascia nourished. They help pump the nutrients to exactly where they are needed. These small motions can free up impingements, loosen scar tissue, and reduce pain. 


Small and even subtle micro-movements empower our health. Every place in our body needs movement, and that movement does not need to be big. Small and rhythmic can be more effective for resonating with the organizational structures of the body and mind.  Working with the more subtle processes of the body allows us to be more receptive. The micro is truly mighty.


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