Mind Body Practices to Reduce Stress

Mindfulness meditation

How to reduce stress with movement and mind body practices

Learning mind body practices to reduce stress and calm our nervous systems is key to a healthy life. Gentle movement practices like Qigong can help. Stress serves an important role in keeping us alert through threatening circumstances. On the other hand, our fight or flight response is a complex biological state that is designed to be temporary.

Trauma & Stress

When we experience trauma, our bodies can stay in that activated state which may cause long term health problems. As renowned researcher Bessel van der Kolk explains, “After trauma, the world is experienced with a different nervous system. The survivor’s energy now becomes focused on suppressing inner chaos, at the expense of spontaneous involvement in their lives.” According to clinical studies, “Delayed responses to trauma can include fatigue, sleep disorders, fear, anxiety, depression, and more.”

Examples of trauma-informed care in integrative medicine are qigong, bodywork, and mindfulness. All of these mind body practices help reduce stress and regulate the nervous system. These holistic practices create space for deep mind body rest. As physical tension releases, the heart rate begins to slow and the breath deepens. The nervous system begins to regulate away from adrenaline responses.

Mind Body Practices to Reduce Stress

Similarly, when our nervous systems regulate, digestion improves. The body sends more nourishment to tissues so that they can repair and heal. Likewise, the more muscular tension that releases, the more blood and oxygen can flow through the body.

Restorative practices like mindfulness also nourish the mind. According to an article by the American Psychological Association,  “More than 200 studies…among healthy people found mindfulness-based therapy was especially effective for reducing stress, anxiety and depression.” Shifting the nervous system away from stress mode also decreases pain levels by turning down the pain signals themselves.

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