How Mind Body Therapy Creates Health

Mindfulness meditation


Mind Body Therapy is a way to use the interconnection between the mind and body to change and create health. It usually involves very gentle, simple techniques, but that does not mean that they are easy. When targeted for specific health concerns, they are able to make very specific changes and can be somewhat challenging to practice regularly.  Mind Body Therapy can enhance the mind’s interactions with bodily function. When we turn mindful attention to slow movements, it can change the neurological map of that motion. In other words, the nervous system is then better able to sense, control, and regulate the body when it moves in that way.  Mind Body Therapy can also use bodily function to regulate and reset the mind. Anxiety, depression, and emotions in general change the physical state of our body. There are breathing exercises, mental imagery, and poses that can help reset these physical aspects, which in turn helps cue the mind to come back into balance and regulate mood.  Daily practice is key to the effectiveness of Mind Body Therapy. Usually 15-20 min each day is able to make noticeable changes toward your health goals, and the more days you consistently practice, the more cumulative those benefits become.  Mind Body Therapy is generally very safe and effective for addressing specific health issues. It is also pleasant, noninvasive, and beneficial, which means that the hardest part is often committing to daily practice. However, the regular practice is what makes it most effective, because that is an important part of changing the connections between mind and body in order to better support your health. 


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