Mindful Movement for Peace and Joy

Mindfulness meditation

Mindful Movement For Peace and Joy

3 week in-person series with Cyndi Clark, MMQ

Sats 10:00-11:00 am

July 9, 16, & 23

Exercise the heart-mind and the body through meditation, sound, and movement.

During our time together, we will explore, embody, and move with the fire element that is alive in the Heart: physically as pulse and flow; mentally and emotionally as lightness, joy, and mystically as peaceful centering.

Daoist philosophy envisions the Heart as the home of each person’s true spirit- the one who has settled into a body to have a unique human experience. The heart is the essence of Fire element Qi. It is the embodiment of soul as light and a catalyst for order and for change. It synchronizes each mortal pulse with the myriad pulses of the world.

The Heart assists our connection to the Earth and the Stars, to others, but especially bridges us to the inner joy of being together within ourselves. Qigong practiced in the summertime often focuses on heart health, by cultivating clarity of mind with an open attitude.

See you in Class!


$120 for the Series, or included in Packages and Memberships.

Very limited space available! Only open to students who are fully vaccinated. Advance registration required.

Call/Text 615-415-0242 to reserve your spot!


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