Mindful Nutrition

Mindfulness meditation

Lead with a question: Are you eating to survive? To nourish? To celebrate? Are you eating to be adventurous? Are you trying something new? Are you eating because you have to? 

Leading with the question gives the act of eating a purpose, and eating does serve a purpose. If you peel back all those layers of why we eat, there is something that we know to be true, something that we all agree on: What we eat is fuel for our life. 

When we eat, we can give ourselves the gift of suspending judgment and withholding our bias. This allows us to have an open mind and the compassion of an open heart. When we have the courage to explore these concepts, it can lead us through a process of discovery.  This is what we call mindfulness.

Often we view our bodies as outside of the total sum of our parts. And the food that we eat is sometimes just a means to an end. What if your food became a celebrated experience with a renewable energy source?

In our world of busy busy busy, get it all done, and eat well, feel well, sleep well, how do you get food in front of you that you like, that you want, that interests you? 

You start the first step, in your mind, by developing a relationship to the foods you eat. And you make the time that you eat your food into a sacred space of nourishment. Sound too big? If you’re popping in a microwave dinner, add an uncooked raw morsel with that dinner. And light a dang candle.  Notice your posture, your mood, and your interest in the food you’ve prepared.  Enjoy the process, and the discovery!


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