Mindfulness in Action

Mindfulness meditation




Mindfulness practices help us change. They change the state of our nervous system to reduce the effects of stress. They help us change, adapt, and shift in other ways, too. The foundation of mindfulness practice is understanding how to bring your awareness and attention to the present moment. 

The body always lives in the present. A great way to begin is to ask yourself, What’s happening in my body? How do I feel with each breath? Where am I holding tension? By tuning in to your physical presence, you guide your attention into the present moment. 

Being in the present opens up choices. The past does not change, and the future is still undetermined. But in each present moment, we can make a different choice. When we pay attention to the thoughts, feelings, and stories that we have in the present, we are also able to decide how we would like them to shift and adjust. 

Mindfulness in action is a practice of being present. It begins with the body, and can then expand to our entire selves. It becomes a transformation point, where we can see where we are right now, and then consciously choose what comes next.


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