More Effortless Movement

Mindfulness meditation


More effortless movement is a goal most of us develop as we age. Aches and pains, often attributed to aging, are an indicator that our body needs support. With treatment, our movements can become more effortless, more graceful, and use more of our full range of motion.  Our bodies change to stay in the shapes we hold most of the time. If we are not regularly moving through our full ranges of motion, then we can end up with dysfunction in our muscles, connective tissues, and alignments. Bodywork is able to help correct these issues by lengthening, nourishing, and reorganizing tissue.  Often, more effortless movement is about changing the patterns of how we move. Developing a regular mindful movement practice, where we engage our full attention as we do slow, steady motions, can help reset movement patterns.  Somatics classes are an accessible way to change patterns and practice mindful movement. Using the related tools of intention and attention, we can better connect our brain and nervous system to the body as we re-train our movements. The more we can support those connections, the more sustainable and effortless our movement can become.  Mind Body Therapy is an individualized way to change patterns and develop more effortless movement. Each one on one session assesses your health needs, including movement restrictions, aches, and pains. You then receive a personalized practice of gentle, mindful movements to help reduce pain, improve function, and rebalance your body.  Our bodies can learn to move more effortlessly, which helps free us from daily aches and pains. Discomfort is not something you should just get used to; it is a message from your body that it is time for support and treatment! 


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