Movement is Medicine

Mindfulness meditation

When there is a lack of movement in your body, there are stagnant energy fields.


Movement is medicine for the spirit. When there is a lack of movement in the body, there are stagnant energy fields. When a river is deprived of water flow, muck will accumulate and sediment builds. When there is a lack of flow within a system, that system will go stagnant.

When we notice the patterns laid out before us, we can see that the Milky Way is shaped with the wings of a spiral. In the same way, a seashell is shaped by this same pattern. These shapes are inherent in all of life. Your body recognizes this organic design: the elemental spiral. It is as natural to our design as we are to the cosmos.

When we move organically in spiraling or circular movements, we build our perceptive tone. It helps us learn to feel our own movements. This is where we digest information and bring the brain, heart and the body online.

overwhelm, stress

All the parts of us work together as a cooperative allyship. This is an internal revolution. It is the act of supportive becoming. Therefore, when we incorporate our whole self, we can better locate our bodies in space and time.

Spiral movements support mental health as well. We can’t think our way out of trouble. We can’t think our way out of entanglement or disruption. But we can use spirals to change our thinking. We can unwind linear thought patterns. And as Emilie Conrad said, “If you don’t move, you can’t have new thoughts.”

The universe moves in spirals, and bringing that medicine into our own practice supports balance and health. There is something about the release in a spiral. Also, receptivity. Spirals contain openness. We can connect with them for both the letting go and the bringing in.


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