Relief for Muscle and Joint Pain

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Our muscles and joints help us move through space, and they can be a source of pain and discomfort. From low back pain to stiff shoulders and trick knees, our bodies often need treatment and relief in order to keep moving with ease. Instead of taking a mechanical perspective, integrative healthcare approaches these kinds of pain by working to restore tissue integrity.  Bodywork is a top line treatment for muscle and joint pain, and is even preferred over opioid medications for pain relief. Bodywork directly relieves patterns of dysfunctional tension. It improves nutrient flow to the affected tissues, speeding recovery. By also working with alignment and range of motion issues, bodywork is able to effectively treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal discomforts and help relieve your pain.  Mind Body Therapy is highly effective for muscle and joint pain because it gets to the source of your symptoms. Whereas bodywork relieves pain and treats the muscles, Mind Body Therapy addresses the underlying patterns of tension, stress, and dysfunctional movement that caused the discomfort in the first place. By empowering you with an easy, gentle daily practice of therapeutic movement, you are able to support your own health and continued healing.  Each person’s situation is different, and so your healthcare needs to be designed to best treat you. We will guide you on how to combine both Bodywork and Mind Body Therapy in order to treat your specific health concerns and support your goals.  Muscle and Joint pain can be effectively treated through an integrative approach that restores the integrity of the affected tissues. Bodywork and Mind Body Therapy work together to restore range of motion, correct dysfunctional patterns, and return the body to more ease of movement.


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