Navigating the Hurry Up and Wait

Mindfulness meditation

Hurry up and wait is hard to deal with. Right now, it seems like that is most of what we are doing. There has been so much change and so much is still uncertain. That makes it really hard to see what is coming on the horizon. 

What are we holding on to? Our attachments. It seems like everything is in the process of being reexamined. When we look out at the horizon for what is coming next, what we are really doing is working on attunement. The things we have been so attached to may no longer be in tune with us, and we are looking for what comes next. 

We can change. We don’t have to keep doing what we were doing before. We can take this time to attune ourselves in a way that reduces the static and better aligns with our own sense of wellbeing. We don’t have to do it alone, either. Good friendships, books, partnerships, communities, and our family can all help us tune in to what resonates with us the most. 

What are we moving towards? Each of us shapes the future. Yes, there are giant causalities like the pandemic or climate catastrophe that color our existence. But we can lean into what resonates with us, and tool our own resilience. Simple and ancient practices like meditation reset the nervous system. So does being in nature, walking barefoot, choosing to be in silence, or turning on your favorite album and dancing in the living room. 

Can you be with yourself in the turbulence?  It can be hard to go through the process of trying to find a place that feels good, or good enough. And maybe good enough is all we can shoot for right now, as we move through these big changes. Because the life we once had is gone and we cannot go backwards. The reality we lived is not the reality we are moving towards. 

You have permission to feel better. Even in the middle of change and uncertainty, you can feel better. First, reach out and find a person or community that you trust, so that you know you are not alone. And then pause and listen. What is your body saying? In this moment, in all this turbulence, what does your body say? Lean into that wisdom and learn to trust your inner knowing.


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