Navigating Turbulent Times through Self Care Practices

Mindfulness meditation

We are in a time of turbulence and it is hard to hear ourselves. There is so much noise on so many fronts, which creates a lot of disturbance. It is easy to get overwhelmed and just react.

We know from neuroscience that we are not our emotions. Our emotions are part of us, but only a part. We can develop self-care practices that allow us to take a break from the turbulence and cultivate more peace within. 

There are practical systems for self-care that have been mapped for us. Ancient healing modalities get a qualitative response in the nervous system. These modalities include qigong, bodywork, acupuncture, meditation, breathwork, and yoga therapy. We can lean into these practices. 

A solid foundation of self-care helps us find clarity. It regulates our nervous system and helps sculpt the landscape of our mind. When we dedicate time to listening inward, to the self, insights are revealed and our empathy grows. 

In that space of growing awareness, we start to develop a vocabulary. We learn how to check in with our body and emotions: Where am I having difficulty? Am I locked in a state of fear? What is attached to my anxiety?

Self-care practices allow us to notice patterns and to take personal responsibility for ourselves. They honor the condition we find ourselves in today, and make room for where we envision ourselves tomorrow. They allow us to quiet the noise of turbulence and listen to the wisdom within. 


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