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At Ha.Lé, we take a process-based approach to functional medicine. We look at structures, patterns, and function in your whole system, and then make adjustments that relieve pain and support health. We apply a whole-system perspective to your care. 

Our approach to healthcare begins with exploration. First we do an intake, which is an analysis of your past and present health. How are you feeling? What health issues are presenting right now? What conditions do you have? How are they showing up in your body now? How have they shown up in the past? 

Through that assessment, our doctor provides an analysis of the past, present, and future possibility of your health. Together we create a treatment map based on Integrative Healthcare principles. Our team collaborates with you and each other to provide a high level of care that is based in neuroscience, functional medicine, science and evidence-based interventions.

What we discovered is that we get results.  We approach the whole of you, including eating habits, sleep patterns, core relationships, home and work environments, movement patterns, and your spiritual life.  We aren’t giving you a standardized protocol. We adjust to your needs and support you as we go.

People need three things: good nourishment, rest and restoration, and movement. These are the baseline mechanisms of our approach to care. How we apply them in your care is unique to you. You will receive a specialized care map based on your specific health needs and goals. 

Your care team collaborates on your treatment. Our providers have extensive education in internal medicine, neuroscience, mental healthcare, trauma-informed care, Chinese medicine, somatics, shiatsu, structural integration, mindfulness, and ancient healing practices like qigong and yoga. We discuss your care, and design and redesign your treatment map based on how you respond, change, and heal. 

This is evidence-based healthcare that is designed to help you as an individual function at your best. This is the type of healthcare that we want for ourselves, for our families, and for our community. We know that integrative healthcare and functional medicine provide wellbeing. These are tools for your present self that can be utilized by your future self.


Ha.Lé Integrative is a holistic wellness practice, serving the greater Midtown area of Nashville, TN. Click here to learn about our services.

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