Nutrition for Your Whole Self

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Nutrition and what we eat is directly linked to our social and emotional health, and vice versa. Often we think of nutrition as technical lists of what we should and should not eat, but nutrition is not a strict formula. Instead, it needs to work with our whole selves, including what we think, how we feel, and who we share meals with. 

Food is social. We are social beings, and gathering together for meals is often an important part of our lives. Eating with others can be nourishing on many levels, not just physical. It can also be a source of added stress and tension, which affects digestive ease and nourishment. Integrative nutrition is able to work with these factors, recognizing the social context of our meals. 

Food is emotional. Because it is so fundamental to our lives, what we eat is hooked directly into our emotional centers. We all have layers of story around the foods we choose to eat and choose not to eat. Integrative nutrition works with our stories compassionately. Instead of one size fits all formulas, we create plans that feel doable for each person, starting where you are right now. 

Food is intellectual. Our decisions about what to eat and when are informed by our understanding of how it affects our health. There is a lot of information out there about it, much of it contradictory and confusing! Integrative nutrition is able to cut through the misinformation and help you understand what will best support your health specifically. 

Nutrition is about much more than what we eat, because food is a complex and richly emotional part of our lives. Integrative nutrition uses compassion and a holistic approach to best support deep nourishment of your whole self. 


This article inspired by “Health and Wellness is About Mental Health, not Food Intake” by Bry Reed; Wear Your Voice



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