Our Body is Our Companion

Mindfulness meditation

Pictured Above: Janice Cathey & Marcela Gallego

Our bodies carry an incredible capacity to heal. They also are in need of our attentiveness for healing. It’s both and the same all at once!

Let’s water our bodies with nutrients and indulge ourselves with goodness. Let’s welcome restorative practices into our daily routines. Let’s warm ourselves when we are cold, and cool ourselves when we are hot. Let’s not stay depleted. Instead, let’s refresh our bodies and fill ourselves with joy.

To behold the body as a fellow traveler invites a new kind of relationship of deeply caring for our wellbeing. We are our own soul travelers.

Discovering the romance of being with our bodies gives rise to our health and wellness. This is a return to body, and a homecoming of belonging where we offer qualities of courtship. We can soothe dryness with rich butter creams, delight our salivary glands by making delicious nutrient rich meals, and light candles and whisper prayers not as a performance but rather to please our own senses.

When we surround ourselves with the kind of company that elevates our souls with laughter and good humor, we offer our body a heart filled with gratitude. Gladness has the capacity to hold the body.

When we do the body good, it will in turn fill us with multitudes of blessings. Our bodies are delighted to move. Your movement does not need to look like anything but your own sense of articulation. Move as you wish to move, and bring with you pleasure and joy. What is pleasing to you? What brings you joy? The body loves to be pleasured with sweetness and peaceful engagement.

Cultivating a relationship with our bodies reminds us that we are not alone. We have a companion for life and a fellow traveler on this extraordinary journey. When we remember to consider our body as her own entity, and host her with a gladness of heart, we find ourselves more skilled with the flow of the life force itself.


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