Our Body of Work: Collaborative Integrative Care

Mindfulness meditation
Pictured Above: Ha.Lé Team

Waking up to our bodies is about reconnecting to our senses. Collaborative Integrative Care is about developing a relationship with our brain, body, and heart that expands the territory of living a life with meaning. Tara Brach describes this process as “finding the gold.”

When we shift awareness and connect with our potential, we tap into our inherent self–the wild, primal being who knows how to cry, grieve, love, and be loved. It is our mind that leads us astray, wandering into places devoid of possibility and compassion. Working with a team of collaborative care providers is a game changer for those who are on a healing journey.

Our Functional Health Care model is based on a philosophy of integration and collaboration. We stand on a foundation of meditative insight, active communication and co-creation. Working as a team allows us to be effective by design and strengthens our capacity as practitioners.

Our formula of care is based on attending to the interior condition of body, mind, and soul. Our team is committed to transformative healing work. Utilizing emotional intelligence profoundly impacts care.

We collectively work by a code of integrative alignment called, Core Resonance. The principles listed here were created mindfully and collaboratively by the Ha.Lé team. (Thank you, Marcel Allbriton)

1) We believe in the transformative power of the body.

2) There is a coherent system within a) each practitioner, b) the practice as a whole, & c) clients.

3) We are grounded and embodied providers.

4) We meet people where they are.

5) Help people discover their own wholeness.

This supportive foundation provides a tool kit of vibrational signatures for the whole of our practice and the providers who work within it. We stay in active communication with one another combining our modes of care for increased healing possibility. We believe, wellbeing is a skill that can be learned. We believe in deep listening; we believe in building trust; we believe in integrity; and we believe in transformation.

Our process supports experiential health care with a hands-on approach. Providers actively communicate and work together for your care. This collaborative care approach takes integrative health care to the next level. It allows every treatment to build on the one before, across treatment modalities and among different providers.

Through collaboration, Integrative Functional Health Care effectively addresses your health issues and supports your health goals. We invite you into care for the discovery of your own healing potential. Welcome home.


Ha.Lé Integrative is a holistic wellness practice, serving the greater Midtown area of Nashville, TN. Click here to learn about our services.

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